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Ask a GP: What helps ease period pain?

A doctor explains why that time of the month can hurt  – and the treatments that actually stop the discomfort.

6 things you didn’t know your pharmacist could do

You can get your doctor’s certificate from the chemist now for starters.

How often should you be washing your towels?

A scientist explains just how dirty your gym towel really is – and what will actually get it clean.

The one thing that increased this woman’s risk of breast cancer by five times

“I’ve had comments at mammograms before like, ‘Oh, you’ve got dense breasts’, but I didn’t know the impact it could have.”

This NASA-approved doona promises no more arguments

Quit the cover on, cover off debacle with this temperature regulating technology. 

This woman has a warning about ‘fixing’ your downstairs after birth

"The words from my GP at my six-week check-up will always stay with me. ‘Dear God, tell me you’re not having sex with that?’"

“Life breaks your heart when you least expect it”

"I will never forget the look on my doctor’s face, or the eerie stillness on the screen, when we learnt our Twin 1 no longer had a heartbeat."

Is spirituality our new religion?

Former radio star Maz Compton reveals the single new age trend she swears by to de-stress fast, in the latest episode of our podcast Healthy-ish.

“I can finally breathe again”

TV presenter, author, mum and businesswoman, Sally Obermeder, reveals what it feels like to reach her biggest health milestone yet. 

‘How losing weight saved my life’

If she didn’t lose 30kg, Nicole says she might never have found this cancer clue.