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'Living the high life': Scientists stunned after badger buries entire cow by itself

When US scientists left seven cow carcasses in Utah’s Great Basin Desert, they could not have anticipated the disappearance of one would lead to a groundbreaking discovery.

Leopard sighting shuts down Nepal airport

Nepal had to close its only international airport for around half an hour on Monday after a leopard was spotted close to the runway.

CSIRO says: Eat your greens

Satirist Mark Humphries has all the info on news from CSIRO that four out of five Aussies aren’t eating enough fruit and vege.

F*ck ups: the movement

People are coming together to hear stories about how others have fucked up.

Things women invented that men totally took the credit for

For most of history, women weren’t allowed to publish in scientific journals, hell, they couldn’t even get funding for their research in the first place. But that doesn’t mean they just stuck to their knitting. Jan Fran has leafed through the pages of HIStory to bring you HERstory.

Meet the ‘kidpreneurs’ making more money than you

Imagine if the app you developed was bought by Yahoo for millions, or if you had POTUS tweeting at you to hang out… then having to ask you mum if it’s OK to go to the White House after school.

From dolls with disabilities to bilingual dolls for refugees: Dolls with a difference

Dolls have come a long way since Barbie’s mid-century arrival. To be fair, even Barbie’s body now has a few more curves and a few more skin tones.

Forget the 'experts': DIY home immunisations thanks to Mark Humphries!

Pauline Hanson advises parents “to do their own research” on vaccines for their children, so Mark Humphries has put together a home science kit.

Stoner dogs: The loving grandparents willing to break the law to buy weed for their dog

An increasing number of pet owners are turning to medicinal marijuana to help their animals with anxiety, arthritis, seizures, cancer and old age.

Why is Hasbro trademarking the smell of Play-Doh?

Toy giant Hasbro is applying to trademark your favourite childhood smell so you can wear it as perfume.