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Steak with a side of maggots: Sydney woman 'horrified' at restaurant meal

A woman has shared a video of live maggots in her dinner at a Sydney restaurant.

Seemingly under pressure duck's demise whips Twitter into a frenzy

A tweet has gone viral in Japan after one user posted what purported to be before and after pictures of a melted rubber duck to great comedic effect.

I miss my dog's farts

A touching and hilarious ode to man’s best friend by a man in mourning.

9 times Eurovision proved it is too much for this world

You might know that ABBA got their start at Eurovision, but the history of the world’s longest running TV music contest is studded with so many doozy moments you need to know. Here are our faves.

TV Ratings: We're all obsessed with reality TV

The ratings don’t lie: Australians just can’t get enough reality TV. Jan Fran asks what we’re watching and why.

The fast track to buying a house is taking a seat in Parliament House

With news that 97 politicians and their spouses, from both houses and a range of parties, own a total of 215 investment properties, satirist Mark Humphries struck on a genius idea to crack into the housing market: become a politician!

The sheikh who teaches surfing and Sharia

In an effort to keep young guys away from radical internet propaganda, Sheikh Haisam Farache is teaching them how to surf.

Theresa May thinks political correctness is ruining easter

Theresa May’s biggest problem isn’t Brexit, it’s ‘chocolate holiday eggs’

Study finds: happiness at work trumps pay

A new survey suggests who you work with matters more than the size of your pay packet. Jan Fran looks at what makes workers happy.

What fresh hell was that Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad?

Some have labelled Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad “completely tone deaf”, “the worst ad of all time”. Mark Humphries unleashes the true power of Pepsi. #BlackSodasMatter