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US study revives mammogram debate

A US researcher says yearly mammograms between the age of 40 and 80 could cut breast cancer deaths by 40 per cent.

Americans giddy over solar eclipse

Crowds have already gathered in US cities and towns near the “zone of totality” where the sun’s rays will be blocked out by the moon during the solar eclipse.

Ten missing after US warship collides with oil tanker off Singapore

Ten US sailors are missing after their destroyer collided with a tanker east of Singapore, in the second accident involving an American warship in two months.

Trump to lay out strategy for Afghanistan in prime-time television address

US President Donald Trump will lay out the strategy for the war in Afghanistan in his first television address to the American people.

Comedian Jerry Lewis dies at age 91

Rubber-faced comedian Jerry Lewis has died at his Las Vegas home of natural causes at the age of 91, his publicist says.

Americans prepare for total solar eclipse

Millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting August 21 with a total solar eclipse expected to be visible in 14 US states.

US Treasury chief defends Trump after criticism by classmates

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Saturday defended President Donald Trump’s response to bloodshed following a rally of white supremacists and neo-Nazis, rejecting calls from former Yale classmates that he resign from the administration in protest.

Animals to be monitored during US eclipse

NASA recommends solar eclipse watchers find out for themselves how animals behave during the eclipse by simply observing pets or local wildlife.

Trump to visit Marine base in Yuma

The White House says Trump will visit Marine Air Station Yuma along the US-Mexico border this week.

Trumps to skip top arts awards following criticisms and artist boycotts

A spokeswoman for President Donald Trump says the decision to skip one of America’s top art awards was made to allow the event to go ahead without ‘political disruption’.