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'Bullets were ricocheting off the asphalt': Australian lucky to 'get out in one piece' after Vegas massacre

Australian Cailin Anning was forced to run for her life as Stephen Paddock rained rapid fire on concertgoers from a room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Vigils held for Vegas shooting victims

Vigils are being held around Las Vegas following the mass shooting at a country music festival that left at least 59 people dead.

'Enough is enough': Guitarist at Las Vegas country festival backflips on gun control after mass shooting

One of the guitarists who played at Route 91 Festival hours before the mass shooting has radically changed his view on firearms in the US.

Australian guitarist tells horror Vegas mass shooting story

Australian Ben Carey and a band mate first thought there were gunmen on the ground slaughtering concertgoers, not a shooter high in the Mandalay Bay casino.

Ten million in US saw politically divisive Russia-linked ads: Facebook

Facebook says it estimates about 10 million of its US users saw political ads that were bought in Russia before and after the US presidential election.

In pictures: The panic, chaos and aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting

As the death toll rises in the worst mass shooting in US history, photos are emerging of the destruction and tragedy of how the events unfolded.

'One suspect down': The moment officers storm gunman's Las Vegas hotel room

A police scanner has captured the moment SWAT burst into the gunman’s Las Vegas room at the Mandalay Hotel.

Time out: Dangers of disrupting your body clock

Messing with your body’s clock is dangerous business, in fact it could make you sick — or worse.

Las Vegas mass shooting: Who are the victims?

A Las Vegas off-duty police officer, a nurse from Tennessee and commercial fisherman from Alaska were among at least 59 people killed by a gunman who opened fire on a Las Vegas country music festival before killing himself.

Trump set to visit Maria-hit Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump will visit Puerto Rico a fortnight after it was devastated by Hurricane Maria and amid criticism of his handling of the disaster.