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US Navy ship and oil tanker collide off Singapore

A search for the sailors is under way after a Navy ship and an oil tanker collide off Singapore.

Eclipse spectacle set to grip US public

Skywatchers in the US prepare for an event that is without precedent in the country’s 241-year history.

MPs to gather for Big Ben’s bongs ahead of silencing

The famous clock’s Great Bell is to be silenced until 2021 to allow repairs to be completed.

US-South Korea set for divisive military drills

Pyongyang has already lashed out at the annual drills, saying they were “adding fuel to the fire”.

The village in Nepal cut off by floods

Aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian crisis following recent flooding.

‘My life was changed by a tick bite’

A bacterial infection spread through the former England rugby player’s body after he was bitten.

‘More deaths’ warning over faulty white goods

In a letter to Theresa May, the London Fire Brigade and others say white goods must be made safer.

NHS call for equality over private hospitals’ tax break

NHS Trusts demand the same 80% rebate granted to those private hospitals that register as charities.

UK General Election 2017: 1.8 million Scots votes ‘wasted’

Two-thirds of Scottish votes were wasted in June as they had no impact on the result, a study says.

Crackdown on online hate crimes

Online hate crimes should be treated as seriously as offences in person, prosecutors are told.