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Gravitational wave scientists win Nobel

The Nobel Physics Prize has been awarded to three scientists for discoveries in gravitational waves.

Five people arrested after suspected homemade bomb discovered in exclusive Paris suburb

French police arrested five people, including one on a terror watchlist after discovering a suspected homemade bomb in one of Paris’s most exclusive neighbourhoods at the weekend, officials said.

UK team to test universal flu vaccine

Researchers are set to test 2000 patients to try out a new “universal” vaccine against seasonal flu.

Spain in crisis after police violence in Catalan vote

Spain came under international pressure Monday to resolve a spiralling crisis with its Catalan region after a banned independence referendum was marred by shocking scenes of police violence.

Rail, roads disrupted as workers protest against Spain's crackdown on Catalan independence

Barcelona metro stations closed, pickets blocked main roads and civil servants have walked out in response to a strike called by pro-independence groups after hundreds were injured in a Spanish police crackdown on a banned independence referendum.

US body clock geneticists take 2017 Nobel Medicine Prize

US geneticists Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young were awarded the Nobel Medicine Prize on Monday for shedding light on the biological clock that governs the sleep-wake cycles of most living things.

Monarch collapse leaves 110,000 stranded

Some 110,000 passengers are stranded overseas and 300,000 future bookings have been cancelled after British airline Monarch collapsed into administration.

New hope for cystic fibrosis treatment

New research into immune cells is offering fresh hope in the battle to treat cycstic fibrosis.

Deadly knife attack in Marseille claimed by IS

The Islamic State group on Sunday claimed responsibility for a knife attack that killed two women at the main train station in the French Mediterranean city of Marseille.

At least 92 injured in violence as Catalonians vote on independence

At least 92 people were injured in Catalonia on Sunday as police and protesters clashed over a banned independence referendum in the northeastern region of Spain, the Catalan government said.