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Top professor reveals why you have ‘gut feelings’ you can’t rationally explain

He says the human brain relies on a ‘wi-fi connection’ to pick up micro-signals about what another person is thinking.

The Aussie disease that is devastating Britain

Australia is causing pain to Britain with a virus that first occurred here causing havoc over there.

New smart pill that reads gut gases could end colonoscopies

Australian scientists have developed a tiny device to revolutionise the diagnosis of gut disorders.

Ibuprofen linked to male infertility, study suggests

Research shows the common painkiller may put men at risk of low sperm production over time.

A new fit-bit-style baby monitor now exists – and it could save lives

A must-read for your mum friends.

Serena Williams has revealed she almost died after giving birth

The tennis superstar has revealed she needed an emergency C-section and had multiple surgeries after giving birth to her daughter Alexis.  

An extra hour in bed is better than starting a diet, suggests study

Research shows the benefits a good night’s sleep can have on your eating habits. 

Why your poo patterns get weird when you have your period

Let’s talk about it, shall we?

Sunlight can help burn fat, new study suggests

Researchers have found the effect sun exposure has on our fat cells.

This common sleep habit is dialling up your anxiety

A lack of sleep makes us irritable and grumpy, but it could be having even more of a negative effect on us, according to a new study.