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Oprah ‘sets the bar pretty high’: Streep

Oprah Winfrey has shown the qualities necessary for a presidential bid, Academy Award-winning actor Meryl Streep says.

Some jewels found after Paris Ritz heist

Two thieves remain on the run after a brazen heist at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

Queen’s bra-fitter regrets revealing book

The Queen’s former bra fitter now regrets mentioning Buckingham Palace fittings in her book, saying it cost her company the royal coat of arms.

Antarctica greenhouse tests crops in space

An advanced greenhouse in Antarctica will test whether crops can be grown in space

Netherlands ditches printed telephone book

The Netherlands says it is time to hang up on the printed telephone directory, ending a 140 years of faithful service in favour of the online version.

Trains finally running on the Swiss Alps after heavy snowfall strands thousands

Thousands of stranded tourists will finally be able to leave a popular Swiss ski resort after heavy snowfall killed a number of people across the Alps region.

‘Apologists for rape’: French actress Deneuve slammed for attack on #MeToo

Feminists and one of the women who accused fallen Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of rape turned on French actress Catherine Deneuve Wednesday after she signed an open letter attacking the #MeToo movement for leading a witch-hunt against men.

Virgin Trains accused of ‘censorship’ for no longer selling Daily Mail newspapers

Politicians and reporters question a decision by Virgin Trains to stop selling the Daily Mail.

Essential life makers found on meteorites

A study of two ancient meteorites shows that they were carrying compounds essential for life, suggesting the building blocks of life may be on some asteroids.

Italian mafia accused of profiting from aid for migrants, refugees

SBS World News Radio: More than 60 members of an Italian mafia group have been arrested after revelations they profited from public funds set for asylum seekers at a welcome centre over a decade.