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Steak with a side of maggots: Sydney woman 'horrified' at restaurant meal

A woman has labelled her treatment at a popular Sydney restaurant “disgusting” after discovering live maggots in a piece of steak she ordered.

Stella Kim said she was on a night out at The Ranch in Sydney’s north-west, only to discover the white maggots crawling out of her meal.

“We couldn’t believe this was happening at one of the big restaurant (sic) in Australia,” she said.


Ms Kim claimed the restaurant had said the maggots had appeared “instantaneously”.

“Somewhat like the Big Bang that created our universe,” she joked.

“If someone is expert in biology and thermodynamics please review the video so that they are educated on food handling.”

Ms Kim said she hoped the NSW Food Authority and the local council took action against the restaurant.

“They are putting a lot of diners at risk,” she added.

“I wish no one has to go through this horrible experience. We have lost our appetite.”

Ms Kim claimed the restaurant had deleted her reviews of the place.

However, the restaurant said it served dozens of other steak meals on the night without any problems.

It is believed the maggots appeared after the meal was cooked.

“Our investigation revealed that the incident was due to blowfly larva laid after the meal was cookedas it is not possible for larva to survive the cooking process,” a spokesman told SBS World News.

“The Ranch Hotel served 262 steak meals on the day with no similar instances or concerns raised by any other customer.”

The restaurant said took all food safety issues seriously and conducted a thorough investigation into the matter.

“All our kitchen staff are experienced and accredited in food safety and The Ranch stands by its food safety record and processes,” the spokesman said. 

“We have been in contact with the Council to investigate and endorse our findings and with the customer to express our apologies.”

SBS World News has also reached out the NSW Food Authority.

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